Application of Two-Factor Motivation Theory at work.

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Motivation is a motor

4 management failures.

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1. You don’t know your team

Invest in preparation, make it a dialogue, and go away with the next steps.

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Learn to apply a simple feedback formula: What, why, so what.

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1. Learn the essence of a good feedback

The dark side of a management job that no one speaks about.

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They know more than they can share

The management job is full of surprises. But even these tend to repeat and so become boring.

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1. You work with the same people

It’s right here where you are now.

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Why don’t you like what you are doing now?

One banal question that can be healthier to ask than you think.

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1. Ask them how they feel only when you mean it

It is challenging, annoying, and incredibly rewarding.

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Time always works against managers. Learn to manage your time and get more of your day.

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1. Get rid of multi-tasking

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