Application of Two-Factor Motivation Theory at work.

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What motivates you to get up every day and go to work? Why do you what you do? Do you like it? Do you feel you have no other choice? Are you comfortable? As a manager, you work with your motivation and with the motivation of your team. It is difficult to make other people happy. Yet your job is to understand your team’s motivation and work with it.

Motivation is a motor

It is a desire to achieve things. Often, we are motivated to set on a journey, as in the end there is a reward. So, we do things to gain something…

4 management failures.

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One friend recently told me about his new manager. He said that he was so bad that no one could take him seriously. “His management is a joke. You can’t imagine it. He absolutely does not understand what is going on.” My friend was so unhappy that he even considered leaving his job. People say that employees leave their managers, not their jobs.

We discussed this manager’s behaviour in more detail. As a result, we identified the following management failures. So, let’s not repeat them in our management practice.

1. You don’t know your team

Problem: The manager does not know the team but acts as…

Invest in preparation, make it a dialogue, and go away with the next steps.

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Finally, the year is slowly rushing to its end. Yet before you exchange your office chair for a comfortable sofa, there is one question to be answered — how was your year at work? Or rather, did you achieve your goals and targets?

Your answer will be most likely — yes. If you have twenty more minutes, you sweat down a few achievements or a list of activities. Okay, sent! You are relieved this administrative formality is over.

As a manager, I usually spend much more time on performance evaluation than my team members themselves. You can argue that this…

It is time to get some focused time for yourself. So, repeat after me: ‘I am busy. I am writing.’

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Everyone can write. Everyone can read. Many say you don’t need any special talent for writing. There is one important thing you can’t get away with. It is time. There are plenty of articles about how to be efficient in writing and how to write 1000 words in one hour. Yet, you still need that one hour.

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. So, these pieces of advice would be redundant. For now, they are not. I am not going to give tips on how to write faster, but I am going to tell you how…

But we can do it if we want.

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Regular income is a good ground under your feet. Every month there is a fresh batch for spending. It is great for planning expenses and some security. The regular salary costs you 40h a week and 25 days of holidays a year. Standard deal. That’s how your parents worked and how you are going to work. Or aren’t you?

Do you dream about flexible work and no boss? I do too. The way out of the corporate circle is to go self-employed or to go on neverending maternity leave. However, that is scary. One thing, which we didn’t learn at…

If you care about people and you are willing to learn, you are.

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How do you know you are ready for a management position? Management jobs are often presented as a reward for loyalty. If you stay with us for x-years, you can then become a manager. Another case is when you have a feeling you could be a better manager than yours. You like working with people, but you have no other management experience. When are you ready?

Management readiness

A friend of mine recently asked me if he should have applied for a management job. He was a nice chap who truly cared about his team. Yet, he had low confidence and believed…

I passed the interview and discovered I loved it!

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How many times have you applied for a job you didn’t believe you would get? You don’t care if you have less experience or appropriate education. In 99.5% of cases, there are negative responses or no responses at all. So, we are left with a 0.5% chance to rock. That’s why we have sometimes trouble seeing other options. When there are some, we have a problem committing to them. What are we left with then?

Challenge of seeing the next steps

I often think about how a person recognizes that he’s ready for the next challenge. How…

The average is the most common value presented, yet often misleading

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The average response is positive. The average is 3. The general opinion is neutral towards this topic. On average, women agree more than men. You read and hear such statements all the time. What kind of information is it?

The average can be multiple things. It is a typical value in a set of data (as Oxford Languages defines). Using statistical words, the average can be:

  1. Mode is a number that occurs the most often in a data set, meaning an option that is picked the most.
  2. Median divides your data set in the middle when you sort your values…

Care about your team and become the best manager they ever had.

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“How do you know that you are a good manager?” That is a question I got from one of my managers. Management requires a lot of soft skills. But how to measure them? It is subjective and never accurate. Does it matter? Your team is a reflection of your skills. Their feedback, their feelings, and their job performance matter. So, understand your team, and you will know how to lead them.

1. Turn theory into practice

The management theory is useful. It helps you to understand your team and solve interpersonal puzzles. You need to get familiar with basic concepts from psychology — Maslow’s hierarchy…

What you might not know about this profound genius.

Vincent van Gogh by Ståle Grut on Unsplash

What do you imagine if I say, Vincent van Gogh? His world-famous painting of The Starry Night. Wait! He also cut part of his ear. This bizarre event made him unforgettable. He suffered from mental issues and committed suicide. Yet, as much as his life was tragic, his legacy is outstanding. He grew as an artist during his vivid life in France.

Vincent belongs to the iconic 19th-century group of artists who shaped modern art. This group moved forward boundaries and made people rethink art. Here are five facts that you might not have heard about Vincent yet.

1. Vincent the third

At first…

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