Application of Two-Factor Motivation Theory at work.

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What motivates you to get up every day and go to work? Why do you what you do? Do you like it? Do you feel you have no other choice? Are you comfortable? As a manager, you work with your motivation and with the motivation of your team. It is difficult to make other people happy. Yet your job is to understand your team’s motivation and work with it.

Motivation is a motor

It is a desire to achieve things. Often, we are motivated to set on a journey, as in the end there is a reward. So, we do things to gain something…

4 management failures.

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One friend recently told me about his new manager. He said that he was so bad that no one could take him seriously. “His management is a joke. You can’t imagine it. He absolutely does not understand what is going on.” My friend was so unhappy that he even considered leaving his job. People say that employees leave their managers, not their jobs.

We discussed this manager’s behaviour in more detail. As a result, we identified the following management failures. So, let’s not repeat them in our management practice.

1. You don’t know your team

Problem: The manager does not know the team but acts as…

Invest in preparation, make it a dialogue, and go away with the next steps.

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Finally, the year is slowly rushing to its end. Yet before you exchange your office chair for a comfortable sofa, there is one question to be answered — how was your year at work? Or rather, did you achieve your goals and targets?

Your answer will be most likely — yes. If you have twenty more minutes, you sweat down a few achievements or a list of activities. Okay, sent! You are relieved this administrative formality is over.

As a manager, I usually spend much more time on performance evaluation than my team members themselves. You can argue that this…

Managing teams means managing individual people.

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I often think about the essence of a good team. What makes a team be a team? Many people say it is about people. When you manage great people, half of your work is done. But what if you manage great people who are also individualistic? Where is the beloved teamwork now? I can tell you one thing — it is a management job to make it work.

What is a team?

Today, teams are everywhere. Teamwork is the main company value. At interviews, personalists ask you straight away if you like working in teams. You are a part of some team or even…

Stop competing against your team, you are as good as your team members.

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There are many management theories and research. Yet, there is no single book that would give us an exact recipe on how to be a great manager. Management training is often non-existing. There is neither mentoring nor coaching. Who has time to self-study? Not many people are diligent to read. So, what are we left with? With leading by example.

Managers tend to rely on their experience from the previous non-management positions. When they were experts in their field. If one thing is working, why not to apply the same logic in the management position? They aspire to be the…

It is not attention as attention, be on top of things and make your team trust you.

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Management is a great deal of improvisation, experiment, and change. Every day is a bit different in the work-life of your team. There is no single formula that you would apply to have a successful day. You need to test a lot of communication styles and quickly move within roles and situations.

Regardless of the size of your team, you need to pay attention to their work and overall job satisfaction. Managers are accountable for the success of their team and the well-being of their team members. Management is responsibility.

One would say that managers need to focus their all…

Managers can significantly improve meeting culture.

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There are so many never-ending meetings that are not at all relevant for all invited people. Be playful now and think about how much money is being spent on meetings like these. The amount per year would be tremendous. Shocking in some cases. So, managers, stop the meeting madness. Make happen only meetings adding value to the participants. The rest delete immediately from your team calendars.

1. Relevant information for relevant people

Meetings are a horrible and over-rated tool for information circulation. With the pandemic hit last year, meetings moved to online. People spend hours and hours on calls. They listen to meetings using videos and…

Leading your team members is easier when you know where you want them to be, why, and how to get there.

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I have been working in a corporate environment past 10 years. I had good relationships with all my past 11 managers. Yet, I would only call four of them great. What made them special is that they appeared to have control over the direction of the team I was a part of. They had a vision.

It is easy to think that vision is reserved only for top management. Once a year there is an all-staff meeting with the CEO who introduces the vision. The job is done. Well, not quite. The vision is often abstract and people don’t understand…

It is time to get some focused time for yourself. So, repeat after me: ‘I am busy. I am writing.’

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Everyone can write. Everyone can read. Many say you don’t need any special talent for writing. There is one important thing you can’t get away with. It is time. There are plenty of articles about how to be efficient in writing and how to write 1000 words in one hour. Yet, you still need that one hour.

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. So, these pieces of advice would be redundant. For now, they are not. I am not going to give tips on how to write faster, but I am going to tell you how…

But we can do it if we want.

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Regular income is a good ground under your feet. Every month there is a fresh batch for spending. It is great for planning expenses and some security. The regular salary costs you 40h a week and 25 days of holidays a year. Standard deal. That’s how your parents worked and how you are going to work. Or aren’t you?

Do you dream about flexible work and no boss? I do too. The way out of the corporate circle is to go self-employed or to go on neverending maternity leave. However, that is scary. One thing, which we didn’t learn at…

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